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"Possibilities for Persons with Disabilities and Those who Assist Them"

In its 23 year history of providing innovative and effective residential treatment programs for persons with disabilities, the staff at CCS have learned a great deal. Much of what we have learned has been shared on a regular basis in trade journals, in books and during presentations to students, professional groups and parent organizations throughout the country. In general, the feedback we have received as a result of this work has strengthened our belief that we have something important to share with others who are engaged in the provision of assistance that is intended to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities.

Considering our history and recent requests from other human service providers, we have added Organizational Consultation to the array of services that we offer at CCS.

Organizational Consultation may take many different forms, including:

  • Assistance with Strategic Planning
  • New Program Design and Implementation
  • Program Enhancement/Expansion
  • Program Replication
  • Various Forms of Staff Training

For example, in one recent collaboration with a free-standing psychiatric hospital, CCS was contracted to prepare and equip that organization’s staff to open a specialized treatment program for persons with the dual diagnoses of developmental disabilities and mental health disorders. Among other things, CCS assisted the hospital administration in recruiting staff, designing unit protocols, training staff, communicating with the marketplace, and evaluating treatment outcomes. The program was so well received that the hospital opened a second treatment unit for the same population within the first year –

without continued consultation assistance. Similar results have been forthcoming in projects designed to enhance delivery of proactive behavioral treatments, reduce utilization of restrictive procedures in residential programs, and teach staff some fundamentals of providing Active Treatment in a residential Vocational Rehabilitation setting. At the present time, CCS staff are assisting a psychiatric hospital in the creation of a neurobehavioral program for persons with acquired brain injury and mental illness.

If you would be interested in finding out more about CCS’ Organizational Consultation Services and how we may be able to help you create possibilities for persons with disabilities and those who assist them, please contact Chris Cutler at (618) 529-3060 in Carbondale, Ill.