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Partnerships for Success

Our neurological rehabilitation programs are designed to return each participant to the greatest possible level of independence and productivity they can achieve.We work in partnership with individuals, their families and funding sponsors to set and reach specific, outcome-oriented goals. Targets may include increasing basic skills for daily living, skill acquisition for returning to work or school, and relearning skills for successful family and community reintegration.

A Team Approach to Wholeness and Healing

Our Rehabilitation Team consists of experienced clinical staff and life skills trainers who use every moment as an opportunity to further the accomplishments of the program participant, whether in the facility or in the community. Group and individual sessions address the specific and holistic needs of the individual, and through peer interactions, help to develop an awareness of the impact of brain injury on a person’s life course.

Learning Through Life Experience

Any moment can present an opportunity to teach independent living skills. Every activity throughout the day, including the productive use of free time, is designed to advance progress toward discharge and the natural reintegration into the community.Active treatment takes place in settings that mirror each person’s anticipated post-discharge environment, with the team providing supervision, coaching, teaching and direct assistance.

We provide this active treatment model of rehabilitation and therapeutic intervention 24 hours a day.


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