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NeuroRehabilitation--Residential Rehabiliation

Tucker House-is located in the heart of the Carbondale, IL.  community, and just across the street from the main CCS clinical building.  The Tucker House complex has a small PT/OT gym on site for ease of the participants living nearby.  Tucker House offers comfortable residency to eight individuals, with the privacy of single bedrooms under 24 hour supervision.

Persons living at Tucker House are participating in the Neuro Rehabilitation program at CCS.  The activities at Tucker House are individually designed  by the Neuro Rehabilitation team in an effort to meet desired outcome goals.  Typically a person's outcomes are related to increased independence in the areas of daily living, awareness, emotional/behavioral skills, community re-entry, and productivity.   Tucker House activities are targeted toward these outcome goals, and may include supportive therapy to enhance cognitive and physical functioning, maintain medical and emotional stability, and follow-through on strategies geared toward safety skills and alternative adaptions.