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    NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation--Personal Intervention
                                                            (Social Integration)

University House- provides twenty-four hour supervision in a home like setting. Increased participation in supervised and independent community activities is expected of residents along with greater responsiveness to support staff  in completing activities of daily living such as personal care routines, meal planning, and so on. There is a less intensive staff to participant ratio than provided at Shawnee House. There is an increased likelihood that individuals will successfully intervene on their own behalf to prevent loss of behavioral or emotional control. The opportunity for brief respite at Shawnee House is available during times when individuals experience increased risk to self or others which might necessitate a higher degree of staff assistance. There are eight bedrooms at University House. Both Shawnee and University House are considered a part of our Social Integration component and either setting may serve as a step toward a more independent living situation.