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Occupational and Physical Therapy
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Occupational Therapy- Occupational Therapy Service provides a comprehensive evaluation through standardized tests and observation during performance of activities of daily living (e.g. feeding, toileting, hygiene, dressing, bathing, and home management tasks).  The following are evaluated but not limited to the participant's cognition, perceptual skills, gross visual skills, upper extremity function (strength, tone, endurance, coordination, hand function and range of motion), and behavior.   Results are used to identify strengths and challenges that will impact his/her independence.  Higher living skills such as meal planning, meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, money management, safety in home and community, leisure, and vocational skills are addressed with the rehabilitation team. 
Programs on home exercises, splint schedule, injury prevention, use of effective compensatory strategies, and use of adaptive equipment, are initiated and set-up as early as the evaluation period.  Emphasis is also placed on follow through in the residence so direct care staff are trained by the therapist upon program implementation.
Treatment plans are designed specifically for each participant's needs utilizing the following approaches, but not limited to: neurodevelopmental (NDT), proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Rood, Brunnstrom, and biomechanical.   Participant's goals are addressed through one-on-one and group sessions held in different environmental settings such as: clinical, residence, and community to maximize re-learning and acquisstion of skills.  Community resources are utilized to address goals on return to work and driver's training.
Family training is incorporated throughout the participant's stay.   Prior to discharge, a home evaluation is completed either through questionnaire or visit by the therapist for home modification and safety recommendations.
Anita Kemper-Daneshdoost, M.S., PT
Licensed Physical Therapist
Supervisor of PT Department
Courtney Maynor, B.S./OTR/L
Supervisor of OT
Occupational Therapist
Jessica Miller, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Eric Manzano, B.S., PT
Senior Physical Therapist
Rhonda Rhodes, A.A.S., LPTA
Physical Therapy Assistant
Kathy Gremmels, PTA
Physical Therapy Assistant
Kim Brown, B.S., PT
Licensed Physical Therapist
Walter Gruenwald OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Rosemary Ticer, A.A.S., COTA/L
Certified Occupational Therapy Asst.
Gillian Crowley, B.S., OTR/L
Registered Occupational Therapist

Nancy Krueger, B.S., PT

Licensed Physical Therapist

Terri Kuhnert, AAS, COTA/L

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Kendra Smith, LPT

Licensed Physical Therapist