Residential Setting Management
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Residential Operations Managers-Each ROM is responsible for operations of the facilities
in their respective programs.  They are involved in all phases of the facilities including but not limited to:
facility maintenance, purchasing, upkeep, and safety protocol for staff and participants.

Roni Robbins M.S., L.C.P.C.

Coordinator of Residential Services

Vickie Lang, B.S.


Garrett Gerlach

NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation


Residential Supervisors- Each of CCS's 21 residences are overseen by the Residential Supervisors listed below.  In addition, there is a thirteenth RS who oversees the LST's that support our community participants.  The RS responsibilities include; staff hiring and supervision, training of the LST staff regarding interactional style and clinical programs, and they ultimately ensure effective and efficient staffing to ensure quality rehabilitation of  rehab services are delivered.  They provide a bridge between LST and Discipline staff in support of a transdiciplinary team approach. 

Tracy Greten, B.A., C.B.I.S




Amy Wieland, A.A., C.B.I.S.

NeuroBehavioral Program
Zelda Trexler



Julie Brzoznowski

NeuroBehavioral Program

Cynthia Shuck, B.S.
Wood Lake and Bridge House
Ed Johnson
Supported Living
Janet Hacker

Supported Living


Angie Murray

NeuroBehavioral Program



Krystal Pearce, B.S.

Personal Intervention


Samie  Wooldridge

Supported Living





Life Skills Therapists-Life Skills Therapists in each residence provide program facilitation, living services, and therapeutic recreation.  CCS currently employs approximately 235 Life Skills Therapists.