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Center for  Comprehensive Services

                                                      A Member of the MENTOR ABI Group 


Carbondale IL, Paducah KY, Tampa FL, Madison WI

CCS,  for healing, and personal renewal.    

rooted in the tradition of functional rehabilitation for persons who have experienced an acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury. Since opening in 1977 as the first residential after hospital program focusing on services for those with traumatic brain injuries, CCS has flourished and grown. We have carefully identified the needs of those we serve, and have developed specialty programs which span the continuum of community integrated models of service delivery. Rehabilitation plans which are individually designed to achieve the goals of program participants, their families, and funding sources, result in the achievement of durable outcomes which truly make a difference in people's lives and start them on a pathway of healing, lifelong opportunity, and personal renewal.
Programs Offered by the Center for Comprehensive Services
Carbondale, Illinois 
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Adolescent Integration  --For teenagers who have experienced difficulties in adjusting to life after a brain injury, the Adolescent Integration program offers opportunities to learn new skills in the residence, classroom, and community.  Emphasis is on preparing the young person to successfully return home and reintegrate into the educational environment.

NeuroBehavioral Rehabilitation

Personal Intervention  --The Personal Intervention program is intended to help alleviate the effects of various unwanted and potentially dangerous behaviors that disrupt an individual's progress in rehabilitation or interfere with increased personal autonomy.  Focus is on teaching behavioral alternatives to various unwanted or dangerous behaviors that may be useful in problem situations that have typically produced such behaviors in the past.


Links & Resources  --We need to credit a number of external sources for information, support and encouragement for a wide range of input including sponsorship, technical direction and assistance, encouragement to individuals.

Brain Injury Association: Providing direct support and advocacy for individuals living with brain injury

NCG: For their continued charitable online support

Illinois Disability AssociationFor their patient support



Residential Rehabilitation --The Residential Rehabilitation program focuses on integrated, functional, community-based skill training that addresses specific goals relating to the individual's cognitive, physical, behavioral and psychosocial adjustment while taking advantage of concurrent physiological healing.  People typically access this program directly upon leaving the hospital when they have continuing therapeutic needs.


Supported Living Program

Supported Living --Residential and Community--Some people who have experienced brain injuries may not have the level or type of support in their home communities that will permit them to lead productive and satisfying lives.   For this reason, the Supported Living program offers whatever assistance is necessary in congregate living environments or in the Carbondale community.


Other Facilities operated by CCS include:

CCS-Tampa in Tampa Florida

CCS-Kentucky in Paducah Kentucky

CCS-Wisconsin in Madison Wisconsin


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